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From a small box, a pallet of goods, to a fully loaded truck

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About us

Our company brings together experienced logistics experts and energetic professional drivers. We are a young but dynamic and growth oriented freight transport company. We strive to meet and satisfy the diverse needs of our customers. For us, there are no more or less important customers, because we treat everyone in the same way – with warmth and professionalism, so that you get a high quality transfer service, be satisfied and come back to us again. Let’s get in touch to discuss your shipments. Tell us where you want to deliver them. From a small box to a pallet or a fully loaded truck, we’ll get your goods safely, quickly, responsibly and reliably to your destination.



Freight transportation by trucks and expeditions

Small transport and logistics companies have the advantage that every customer’s shipment here is desirable and special. We have only environmentally friendly trucks in our fleet, driven by professional drivers. Routes are organised by logistics managers who find the fastest delivery route. We can transport not only partial small packages but also groups of fully loaded trucks. Whether it’s a single product range or a set of modular prefabricated houses, it’s important for us to meet your needs.

Fast and safe transport of small goods

Our fleet includes vans with tarpaulins (3.5 t) and trucks with elevated unloading lifts (12 t). We’ll transport all the small goods that matter to you, from a small box to a pallet of goods or more. The advantage of this service is that the goods are delivered to the recipient very quickly. Another attractive feature is that lift truck drivers can unload the goods for the consignee without the need for their own forklift trucks. If we don’t have an optimal route at the right time, we’ll forward your cargo or consignment.

Minibus and car service

As our fleet grew, there was a rational need to have our own garage. At the same time, a car service service appeared for our customers. Commercial vans are subjected to high levels of wear and tear and are more likely to require various repairs. If your minibus or car breaks down in Lithuania, we will be happy to help you promptly. Our workshop tunes and repairs van engines, chassis and electronic parts. We always welcome you.


Why you benefit from choosing us

Experienced logistics managers will organise the fastest and most favourable route for your cargo. Young and full of energy drivers will deliver your cargo from door to door on time. You don’t have to worry about the security of your cargo, as we insure all the cargo you want. We provide comprehensive freight transport services so you don’t have to worry about the paperwork required for transport. At any time of the day or night, you’ll be able to see where your cargo is. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of responsibility for the delivery of each consignment and make every effort to ensure it reaches you on time. Our drivers are courteous and helpful during loading operations.

What customers say about our services

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I liked that this company is very flexible with its customers. I had to use their services, but for some reason, my shipment was delayed one day. It was no big deal for me, but they did give a discount for the service. More such kind and responsible people.

- Neringa Urbonienė

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This is not the first year we have worked with Amervika specialists. We often have a variety of goods that need to be transported to other countries, but it is too expensive for us to have our own transport specialist. We are pleased that our goods are delivered promptly and that we save on delivery costs.

- Gustas Jasinauskas

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We are a small company and do not have a well-developed warehouse and service infrastructure. Our volumes are small, so it's great to see how helpful the Amervika's drivers are in helping you unload your goods conveniently. And everyone is very polite. A pleasure to work with you!

- Tomas Baranauskas